If you have been using various social media platforms for a long time, then you may have noted that changes are very frequent. These platforms were initially for social interactions but right now they are for marketing, messaging platforms and spots for establishing an online presence. It thus means that you have to know what is trending if you want to win this game. This is very true especially in the marketing field where everyone seems to have a differing idea on how it should be done. The following are some of the important trends to watch out for social media marketing

    1. Increased social engagement

People are not only sharing their personal experiences on social media but also their interaction with various brands. A recent report shows that 1 out of 3 people will mention a brand when making a post. The connection between consumers and brands is now closer than it was three years ago courtesy of the interactions. Brands are now moving a step further and using social media to communicate with consumers rather than just marketing their products. Brands are now mentioning some loyal customers on their posts to increase engagement and attract other prospects as well.

    1. Automation

The good thing with established brands is that they can afford to hire full-time marketers to take care of all their campaigns and marketing needs. However, this is not always the case with small brands who are trying to establish themselves in this ruthless world. People expect you to engage your customers, like other people’s posts, share their content and comment on various posts. Such activities can take all your time and concentrating on activities like service delivery and product development will be a challenge. FollowLike is one of the best automation tools that you can use for such activities and you can check its review at SelectedBest.info.

    1. Use of stories

Big and small brands alike are changing their marketing approach to appeal to a bigger fan base. People are always attracted to things that they can relate to and marketers have already learnt that. Some of the major platforms that have a feature for stories are Instagram and Facebook. You can share stories while offering services, production or when you are interacting with your customers. If you use videos, ensure that they are of the highest quality to highlight all the main issues. You can share a series of stories to keep your followers hooked.