When you click the ‘search tab’ on Instagram, you will always note that there are profiles that come recommended to you. Have asked yourself what this all about? Do these people pay for this space to be featured or what is the secret to appearing there? There are a number of benefits that will accrue to you once you land on this space. Some of them include increased brand reach and exposure to more follower’s base who can transform into customers. Everyone who is serious about social media marketing cannot ignore these benefits. The following are some of the reasons why your Instagram account is not featured on the explore page.

    1. You are not consistent in posting

The question should not be on the last time you posted but the frequency with which that you share your content. Instagram explore page works like search engines that give priority to content that is current and consistent. The developers want to showcase content that solves current problems and that is why remaining updated matters. You do not have to post five times in a day but just ensure that you have a plan on what to share and when to do it.

    1. Your content is not original

Content creation is an important consideration that determines whether your posts will rank or not. If you post rehashed or copied content, Instagram will always prioritize on the original posts. If you must post other people content, then ensure that you give credit and get permission to do it. You can watermark your content using your logo or brand colors to protect it from theft. You can start with royalty free images and then come up with your own graphics as time goes by. Always proofread your content before it becomes live to ensure that you communicate clearly.

    1. Failure to network with the right people

It takes collaboration and networking with the several people to succeed in this digital space. Search for several influencers in your sector and chat about a possible partnership deal. You do not have to spend lots of money on this to succeed. You can tag influencers on your posts and even request them to mention your brand when they are creating posts.

It is quite evident that appearing on the explore page comes with lots of benefits. You can check how you can land on this page https://incomeartist.com/how-to-get-on-the-instagram-explore-page/  and grow your brand to the next level.