Instagram is one of the easiest social media profile to register and operate as you do not need any special training. It even gets better because you can sign up using Facebook which saves you time because you do not feed lots of information. However, creating a profile and cutting an edge in marketing are two different things. The appearance of your profile determines the level of engagement and the kind of people that you attract. Every bit of your profile is important if you want to stand out from the rest. The following are simple tips on how to make an attractive profile

Choose a good profile picture

Even though people cannot click on your profile picture, you should ensure that it is clear and has all the details. The choice of the profile picture will depend on your personal taste and type of business you operate. A good profile picture should always be evergreen. This means that you should use your most recent picture to show where your business is. A summer photo during the winter season will seem outdated. You can also use your logo or its derivative as your profile picture. Ensure that you check the dimensions to avoid cutting off some important details.

Craft a good bio

The bio section is what introduces you to the outside world. Someone can know who you are by simply scanning through this section. It is also the only place you can place clickable links towards your other profiles, websites, and pages. The ideal bio should be concise but with all the details that Instagram users need. You can also include a Call-to-Action and encourage people to interact and engage in your posts. Be creative and use emoji to separate keywords on this section. Remember to highlight your skills and talents as well.

Take advantage of automation

For your efforts to pay off, you may need help once in a while to avoid overwhelming yourself with work. High engagement attracts people and you can boost it on your posts as well. Automating some of the functions such as commenting, searching for followers and likes is all you need to keep your profile active. Instagress was one of the most famous automation services before it shut down. You do not have to worry because Jonathon Spire has reviewed some of the best Instagress alternatives that you can use to grow your account.