To achieve the best results in anything you do, you have to have the right equipment. You will require a good wheelbarrow to help you move things quickly when working in your yard or landscaping your compound. Using the right wheelbarrow will make you work faster and with a lot of ease. It is therefore important that when buying a wheelbarrow, you first do an assessment of the kind of work you need the wheelbarrow for.

Below are some useful tips to help you make an informed purchase decision:

Consider the type of terrain

Buy a wheelbarrow with the terrain of your compound in mind. A standard wheelbarrow does not work well in a rocky or mountainous place. If your compound is rocky, consider buying a two or three wheel brand. They can withstand adverse terrains and serve you better. A standard wheelbarrow or yard cart works well for flat grounds.


You need to consider the amount of weight you are going to carry in your wheelbarrow. Don’t use a low capacity wheelbarrow to carry heavy loads. You will end up spoiling it. For heavy loads, buy a higher load capacity wheelbarrow and always consider reinforcing it further to give room for heavier loads. A lower load capacity would be perfect for light items like potted plants and yard trimmings.

User limitations

You need to consider the needs and weakness of the people who will be using the wheelbarrow. If the person or people going to use it have physical limitations, find a three wheel- wheelbarrow or a garden cart as these are easy to push or pull without much effort.

Consider dumping needs

The kind of wheelbarrow you have may be perfect for your needs but how are you going to empty the contents? A good wheelbarrow should be one that does not give you a hard time when you want to empty it. Most of the weight usually rests on the front wheel when emptying, and this makes it tricky especially if the contents inside are heavy. Consider buying a wheelbarrow that gives you room and flexibility to manage it when you are emptying the contents.

Material used for construction

You need to buy a durable wheelbarrow that will save you from the trouble of frequent replacement. Go for wheelbarrows that are made from heavy iron as they tend to last longer and can withstand harsh work conditions.

Choosing the right wheelbarrow requires an understanding of what you intend to use the equipment for. Don’t be moved by the beautiful designs and forget the other factors. A good wheelbarrow will make your work much easier and faster. Put the above tips in mind when shopping, and you will never regret. Be sure to visit Wheel That! for more insight on the kind of wheelbarrows available and their reviews.