Neck pillows may seem like regular pillows. And because you already own regular pillows, you might not be too cool with the idea of buying neck pillows.

For you, buying neck pillows is like wasting precious money.

But you should reconsider.

These neck pillows actually come with a set of health benefits. Especially if you spend long hours inside buses or planes or sleep on chairs, you could definitely use these neck pillows.

Here are the reasons why you should have one.

1. Good Sleep

Neck pillows promote good sleep. Most — if not all — of them feature an ergonomic design that conforms to your neck and eliminates the need for adjustments.

Because your neck would be 100% comfortable when you’re sleeping, these pillows can ensure undisturbed hours of sleep.

Getting the best quality of sleep should be on top of your priorities. Otherwise, this will screw with other regular physical and mental functions such as eating and concentrating.

So, if you’re having trouble hitting the sack, you might want to get this magic fix.

2. Treatment for Neck Pain

And if you’re suffering from neck pain — or even back pain and headaches — a neck pillow just might be the solution. After all, one of neck pain’s main causes is poor spinal alignment.

A neck pillow is designed to correct spinal misalignment. Its flexibility allows it to reshape itself to support your head’s weight and warmth.

It also gives great resistance under your head’s heaviest part. All the while, it supports the sensitive portions of your neck.

It greatly reduces discomfort, tossing, and turning. And it relaxes your muscles and lets them avoid causing pain of sorts.

3. Reduced Tension

Reduced tension is also a benefit of neck pillows.

If you’re feeling a bit more tense, anxious, or nervous, your pillows may be the culprit. Especially if you’ve noticed a change in your mood — and nothing else seems to be the problem, look at your pillows.

As studies have suggested, inspecting the kind of pillows you sleep with is important. Your pillows may be causing you unnecessary tension and extra levels of excitement.


Well, no — buying neck pillows is not a waste of money. As the abovementioned points have discussed, these pillows offer the complete opposite of that: they come with health benefits.

If you need help choosing the best neck pillows, Anne Keiley at Free Your Spine has got your back. In one of her posts, she provides you with a list of the best neck pillows.