Whether you’re just starting to play an instrument or you’ve been playing one your whole life, you know how important honing such a skill is. Playing an instrument brings lots of opportunities both musically and socially. Also, if you have children, you’d probably want them to continue playing the instruments they choose as kids, and be probably better than yourself. Whether you or your kids want to learn to play a musical instrument, the following list of the 10 most popular instruments can help you pick the perfect instrument.

The piano

The piano is arguably the most popular instrument on earth. That’s because it’s extremely versatile and may be played in almost any music genre. In addition, it can be played solo or accompanied. The piano is played by about 21 million people in the United States. It’s still very popular, even though it’s costlier than an electric guitar. Many artists, conductors, and music producers rely on this instrument to produce the very best music around. If you want to play the piano, most experts recommend that you start with a standard piano instead of an electric one. As for your child, it’s best that they start at the age of 6.

The violin

The violin is known to be one of the sweetest sounding-producing instruments on earth. It’s also existed for hundreds of years, making it one of the oldest instruments. Moreover, little has changed about the violin over all these years. It’s an essential part of various music genres. Users should start playing the violin as early as from the age of 6. It’s a wonderful instrument for kids to starting play.

The drums

Although they’re much louder than other instruments, drums are generally very popular as well. Playing the drum allows you to lose yourself in the moment. As the drum plays a key role in many music genres, it’s one of the most popular instruments around the world. However, playing the drums can be quite difficult and overwhelming for a beginner, so it’s important to research about the best way to learn drums.


When you think about the saxophone, you probably think about jazz music. However, while it’s really different from other musical instruments, the saxophone remains a very important and popular instrument. Many consider it one of the most romantic and sexiest instruments around.

Bass guitar

In the world of instruments, the bass guitar is arguably the most underrated. It’s one of the least recognized instruments. The bass guitar, however, is vitally important to many music genres. It’s much easier to learn than other similar instruments though.


One of the best things about the flute is that it’s inexpensive. It’s also so easy to master and you can bring it anywhere with you. And the fact that playing the flute is plenty of fun makes it one of the most popular instruments around.


The trumpet is the only brass musical instrument and one of the oldest instruments. It’s played in jazz and brass bands, orchestras, and may be played solo or accompanied. It’s also easy to transport and inexpensive. Furthermore, 10 is the best age to start learning the trumpet.

The clarinet

Like the flute, the clarinet also belongs to the woodwind family and is an amazing instrument to play. While it’s mostly played with other instruments, it can be played solo too. Unlike other musical instruments which are learned much earlier, the clarinet can be learned from the age of 10. Because it’s highly versatile, lightweight and small, the clarinet is a favorite of many people.


This is another wonderful first instrument. The cello looks much like the violin, but is slightly larger and played while seated. It’s most often accompanied but may be played solo as well. It’s perfect for beginners and 6 is the recommended age for starting.


While the harp can be quite intimidating for some, it’s quite easy to start playing. It’s also available in different sizes and shapes, and some are even small enough for kids aged 8 to start playing.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed reading about some of the most popular musical instruments to play. When choosing an instrument to play, consider a number of factors, including cost, ease of playing, fun factor, and versatility.